Are we all stupid?

Tonight, I went to see Jurassic World again but this time with my brother. I thought the movie was great but the story kinda weighed it down and even went got a bit… mushy in parts but the movie isn’t what I want to talk about (I sort of gave up doing reviews at the moment), a shampoo advert was shown before it, maybe you’ll know the one I’m talking after reading this. A beautiful woman is standing, naked, in a river washing her hair with shampoo and she is practically rubbing it into her face and I spot in small writing on the bottom left corner:

*Please do not shampoo your eyes

Have intelligence levels plummeted? Are we all to be treated as complete and utter morons? Because I would hope nobody, and I mean nobody, would even think about doing that. Why stop there:

*Please do not stick your hand in the toaster

*Please do not use this hairdryer while showering

*Please do not try to have sex with a wild animal

Okay that last one should be in existence as some people are actually stupid enough to try that one. Because I remember watching a segment on a TV show called 1000 Ways To Die where a Russian soldier, who was very drunk and missing out on sexy time between a female and a male colleague, actually tried (and I’m going to be very crude here) ramming it up a raccoon’s arse. Nonetheless, the raccoon didn’t take too kindly to this attempted anal intrusion and bit the soldier’s cock clean off resulting in his death from massive blood loss. But I digress…

Point is, let’s be smart people… or at least, pretend to be.


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