Are cartoons sexist?

I recently watched a Robot Chicken sketch on YouTube that featured Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, if you can remember that 90’s cartoon, and had Gadget trying on a new outfit. Here’s the sketch…

and although funny, it does raise a very good point. Why is it okay for male cartoon characters not to wear trousers but female cartoon characters have to? Creators may use this as a way of distinguishing genders or maybe they are very afraid of perverted individuals (mainly teens and immature adults) imaging them in all depraved sexual situations, which can be easy to imagine if the said characters are presented in right way. But some cartoons didn’t follow this regime and had full frontal female “nudity” like Mona Lisa from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 series)

(okay, so that particular shot is a bit… suggestive) and Sally Acorn from Sonic The Hedgehog(SatAm series)

(while searching for this, I came across several almost Playboy like images of her).

Upon reflection, it has to be an anti-pervert measure that creators put in but I guess everyone is allowed to have a dirty mind, that’s why furries exist.

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