Talking about stuff…

I know I haven’t posted anything on my blog for a while mainly because I didn’t have anything to say but also I’ve been busy writing a short story. It was one of those wacky little ideas that I had floating around in my head plus it keeps my mind occupied, TV is SO boring and games are boring too. I’ve started reading a lot more and I’ve even started playing sudoku; at moment, I’m reading Ken Bruen’s Jack Taylor novels (they really are a fantastic read, very absorbing and if you’re into your crime dramas, well, these are for you) and the novel I’m on now is called Purgatory and in it, a vigilante is going around Galway City killing bad guys, such as a drug pusher, a loan shark and a rapist, and he wants to get Jack involved by sending him letters signed C33. Jack doesn’t want to but when his friend Stewart gets drawn in, he has no choice.

I also recently signed up to the Blogging 201 course, so maybe a lot more of you will start reading as it might pique interests. So here’s hoping!

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