Three goals

Blogging 201 started off today (and earlier than I expected it to) and our first assignment, we were asked to write down three goals for our blogs. While I had originally intended this to be a personal blog and I had no real objective in maintaining it, I do now see that it’s a good idea to have meaning in everything you do. So here are my three goals:

  1. To gain a stronger following 
  2. To share my thoughts and feelings with people who may be interested in reading about what I think about stuff
  3. To have a platform to show off my writings 

Especially proud of that last one. I’m actually rewriting one of my short stories now and I’m hoping to get it posted up soon but sadly, these things take time. I hope that you’re all looking forward to reading it (if so, leave me a like or a comment and if not, don’t) and if you’d like to know what it’s about, it is about Death (or the Grim Reaper, if you like) going to a movie premiere. I’ve intended to be a comic fantasy but you all can be the judge of that.

As for gaining more Twitter followers, that’d be more of a challenge. The way I see it for that to happen, you’d have to be famous either through YouTube or the traditional method but you never know. However, 100 by Sept 30, kind out of reach… 20 maybe? So, I’ll stick with something a bit more achievable. Maybe publishing two to three times a week?

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