DISCUSSION: If it were real…

Listen up kiddivinkies because this post will require some interaction from you. I always wondered what life would be like if video game powers actually existed, I suppose it would be a lot easier. Like I always wanted to be able to fly like this guy…

…Raccoon Mario. I often think about this when I’m waiting to be picked up. Think about it, if people could really Raccoonise themselves, traffic jams would be a thing of the past and people would probably get to where they’re going faster (although they would probably be exhausted from running at the right speed to take off), but I wouldn’t recommend this power for long distance flights, such as Ireland to France, because you would be completely and totally knackered (tired, for people who doesn’t know what that means). But one drawback is if you were to smack into a bird or it even so much as shit on you, you’d lose your power and hurtle towards your death.

So what video game power would you like to have if you could get it? Would it be the Power Sneakers from Sonic or the Witch Doctor Mask from Crash Bandicoot. Let me know in comment section below and if you like, you can talk comic books too because I like comics too and they’re basically the same thing.


  1. I’ve thought long and hard about this before… And I always come back to the same thing… Invisibility! How much fun would it be to wreak havoc on certain ‘nasty’ people?! …just simple things… I’d move things from where they’d put them down… Maybe even move their cars round the block! I work in a vets, so maybe poke the odd dog while certain members of staff were treating it (😂)… Nothing nasty… Just enough to keep people on their toes and make them think they were going s little bit crazy!!!!! 😂

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