Scenes we’d like to see 

Some of you maybe familiar with the BBC comedy panel show Mock The Week and the final round they play is Scenes We’d Like To See where the panellists are given a topic and must come in with a suggestion so one night, I played my own version of this game and the topic was Lines You Won’t Hear In A Kids Show…

April, would you like an inter species orgy with me, Raph, Mikey and Leo?

Put your shorts back on Patrick I can’t concentrate

So what happened on your mission Vibratorious?

So why do they call you Power Rangers? Ahh I see

Now I know why you’re called ‘Master’ Splinter

I am Lion-O, leader of the Thundercats. Please leave your name and number after the tone

For fuck sake Tom, you’ve been trying to kill that little bastard for over 50 years now, please let me call an exterminator!

Gee Brain, instead of trying to takeover the world tonight, let’s just get pissed eh?

Taz, can you dry these clothes for me, my tumble dryer’s broke?

Hope you enjoyed that. If you have any suggestions yourselves, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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