Are we our own selves?

I have often asked myself that question and mulling it over several times, I believe that the answer is no. I’m certain that everything we are and everything that we do has been predetermined by forces we have yet to comprehend. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why do you like the things you’re into and you might give yourself the usual answers, because it’s fun, i like it, i enjoy it etc etc. but why?

A lot of these things make us who we are. Like take this example, I was seriously big into video games when I was a kid and favourite all time character was Sonic The Hedgehog (not so much now though but I can discuss why in another post) and I started betting on horse racing and when I was in the bookmakers with my brother, a horse running named Blue Sonic and he instantly jumped to the conclusion that I put money on that because of the name (pity I didn’t because it won) but maybe that was going off topic. How about this, now I don’t like talking about myself in a personal way but I am disabled. Since my early twenties, my body succumbed to a genetic condition called Ataxia which affected my mobility which, now in my thirties, means I have to use a walker around my apartment and a motorized wheelchair outside. How we know things like aren’t supposed to happen? Like our life story has been written.

Speaking of life stories, let’s get to the final chapter… death. Death is an inevitable occurrence in our lives and it shouldn’t be feared but what is scary is the not knowing how it will happen. We’d all like exit peacefully but there are the horrible and painful ways to go like cancer, heart attacks and other fatal diseases. There are also fatal accidents in our everyday lives such as electrocution, decapitation, car crash victim and drowning. As far as I’m concerned, we all don’t have free will in our lives and we never make our own decisions.

I would compare Earth and every single person on it to an ongoing TV show and we are all characters in it. Luckily, my show is so boring that nobody (or more accurately no thing) would ever want to watch it.

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