The X Files Reopened 

During the 90’s, I was a big fan of The X Files. I really enjoyed watching FBI agents Mulder and Scully investigating paranormal phenomena and caught up in the web of governmental conspiracies designed by a syndicate of shadowy men seemingly led by the villainous Cigarette Smoking Man (I prefer the name Cancerman) but of course, living in Ireland and depending on the national broadcaster, RTE, I didn’t see many of the episodes but it was enough for it to make a lasting impression on me/ I did see the 1998 movie when it came out in cinemas and after that, I pretty much lost track with it until I heard DVD boxsets were being released several years later, so I went down to my local record store and ordered each season one by one and managed to get through them in a weekend and it started again with me, reliving some episodes and catching up on the series’ long running mythos and memorable events, Deep Throat’s execution, Scully’s abduction, Scully’s cancer, the black oil, the Syndicate’s destruction, the revelation of Cigarette Smoking Man’s true identity, Mulder’s abduction, Doggett’s assignment to The X Files, the birth of Scully’s baby, Reyes’ assignment to The X Files, Scully giving the baby up for adoption and The Lone Gunmen sacrificing themselves. My dedication to the show was so strong that I wanted to be like Mulder and I even was answering my phone with “Gerard Young” instead of the usual “Hello”. I also believe in paranormal phenomenon and the existence of extra-terrestrials (like I mean c’mon such a big universe out there, there HAS to be life somewhere).

Now that The X Files is about to return to our screens about 14 years after the original series ended, you cannot possibly imagine my excitement of Mulder and Scully returning to the small screen in January 2016, my fondest wish is that Sky will simulcast the first episode like they did with 24: Live Another Day (another great series possibly needing a second revival series?) and what even more exciting about this is Chris Carter has hinted at the possibility of a second longer season consisting of 10, 12 or 13 episodes.

So rejoice fans and let’s make this so successful that, and I’m going to quote Mr. X here, “reinstatement of The X Files must be undeniable.”

And here are some cool videos from YouTube too

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