Tales From An Elevator: The Final Episode (Part One)

TV shows can make us laugh, cry and make us feel other emotions but what happens when it’s the final episode? What do the characters feel about that?

Peter sat on the bed wondering what the day had in store for him and just what sort of amazing mystery the writers had come up with in this week’s episode. For nearly ten years, The Christmas and Vanderbrooks Mysteries had been THE show to watch on the BBC and he was real glad that Gillian was his partner, both professionally and personally.

Gillian opened her eyes, “Hey.”

Peter turned and asked, “Did you sleep well?”

“Mmm great,” she said. “I can’t believe we waited until season seven to start sleeping together.”

“Well, it was the writers’ decision and we were giving the people the best of all reason to watch. A long running will they won’t they storyline.”

Gillian sat up, “True… still though.”

The phone rang, Peter reached over and answered it, “Hello?”

“Peter, it’s Andy,” he sounded sad, “I need to see you and Gillian in my office as soon as possible.”


Andy hung up and then Peter did too. Gillian asked, “Who was that?”

“That was Andy, he wants to speak to us.


“He wouldn’t say, but he sounded upset.”

“Okay,” Gillian got up, “let’s go see him.”


There was a knock at the door, “Come in!”

Gillian and Peter strolled in. Andy stood up, “Peter, Gillian,” he said, “please have a seat.” They all sat down and Peter asked Andy, “What’s this all about?”

Andy let out heavy sigh before speaking. “Okay, I’m just going lay it out straight. The series has not been renewed and this is the last episode.”

They both looked at him in horror. “WHAT!?!” Peter exclaimed

“Yeah, this came to us straight from the Director-General.”

“They can’t do this, were the BBC’s biggest show.”

“Well, they feel that it has gone on too long and that it should end. Also, I’ve hard Harvey and Janet in here wanting to move on to other things.”

“Can we speak to them?”

“You can speak to the Director-General.”

“And why not Harvey and Janet?”

“Because they’re in character right now.”

“Oh I see.”

“But if I were you Peter,” Andy got up and leaned on the desk in front of them, “I’d let it go, no point in wasting your last…” he looked at his watch, “twenty-three minutes on TV.”

Peter jumped to his feet, said, “We have to try!” and stormed out of the office. Gillian stared at Andy with a look of embarrassment on her face and then she got up and left.


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