Lost for words

I was feeling a bit bored today so I thought of putting something on my blog seeing as how I haven’t done that in very long time, and I mean a VERY long time! I just had the time to maintain it and keep it updated and stuff like that what with college and my forgetful nature but now with at least college out of the way, I can start to post things up here again.

What sucks though is that I can’t think of a single that has happened recently that is worth putting up here, right now. I could say that I might be off a comedy improv show here in Wexford on the Friday and I going to go to my grand-nephew’s communion after party on Saturday; for those of you wondering what a communion is, it’s… well…  I can’t answer that but it’s a religious thing and kids who are really lucky can walk away with present cash total of up to €150 – €200! Knowing him, he might get more!

So there you have it, just when I thought I going to put a load of nonsense in this post, I had ended posting something reasonably sensible. Here… have a YouTube video to celebrate!

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