Futuristic directions 

I recently watched a WatchMojo video called ‘Top 10 Things That Will Be Obsolete In The Future’ here it is…

…and one of the things mentioned was glasses. This disturbed me a bit as they detailed a bionic lens that is in development by a Canadian company and the reason I felt this way was because I had watched a program on TV called ‘Black Mirror: White Christmas’ where an element of the story was that everyone these things called ‘Z-Eyes’ installed which I imagine resemble this very thing. If you don’t know, ‘Black Mirror’ was sci-fi anthology series on Channel 4 with one of its main themes dealing with the advances in technology, you watch them using the catch-up service here at All4 or they will be available on Netflix as the series was picked up by them for a 12 episode season 3.

In it, the ‘Z-Eyes’ were like mini-computers that allowed people to take photos, zoom in on certain images and even block people out. When someone was blocked out, they’d appear as a fuzzy white image and the person would be unable to speak to them or hear them. Another feature I gathered from that show was that anyone would be able to establish live links with other users, a sort of Skype if you will.

I’m wondering if these advancements in technology is a good thing because I’m now thinking of a future where everything will be done for us and we won’t be living anymore but rather existing and that mankind’s over-reliance on technology may prove to be our undoing. I’m not suggesting a ‘Terminator’ scenario or that we become a subservient race to robots and cyborgs and things but what I am suggesting is maybe this isn’t as great as we think.

Anyway, I’ll leave it up to you to make your own minds up.


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