Well hello, Clarice

I started reading The Silence of the Lambs recently and I’m really enjoying it. Having watched the movie several times, I decided to read the book. Most of the time, watching a movie or TV show or even playing a game that’s based on a novel or a series of novels would normally lead me to read the novel. Dr. Lecter seems to be more insidious in the book and definitely takes pleasure in toying with people for his amusement, especially Clarice Starling.

The FBI trainee is really determined to stop the killer known as Buffalo Bill and is even willing to go as far as putting her own career as a special agent at risk. I was just reading some of it now and I’ve just got past the part where she reveals to Lecter her most haunting childhood memory, the screaming of the lambs.

I can’t stop thinking of the actors from while I’m reading this, especially Anthony Hopkins. His performance stood out with me and as I read the things Lecter said, Anthony Hopkins’ menacing and intimidating voice stuck firmly in my head. It’s a real good read, if you’re into your thrillers though.

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