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Hi there, name’s Gerard but everyone calls me Ger (damn, since moving to Wexford, it’s like the last three letters of my name have disappeared!). I was born in the 80’s and thankfully I don’t remember much about it because the 90’s were so much awesome. I graduated from IT Carlow Wexford Campus after studying a three-year course in Business and I’m waiting until January to start job hunting.

I like reading, writing, bowling, going to the pub, going to the movies and playing video games. I’ve been writing short stories and I hope to use this blog to show them and my dream would be to write enough of them to publish in a collection book or even a novel and now I have time to do that. I’m also a keen 90’s gamer with a big collection of Sega Mega Drive, Mega CD and Mega 32X games (when I say big, it’s not as massive as others I’ve seen).

Other than short stories, I will be writing about other things such as life updates, reviews of stuff and my own opinions about stuff (there may be trouble ahead!). So, in conclusion, I hope you enjoy your stay here!



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