The end of a journey

Hello everyone, I know it’s been ages since I last posted on this blog but now I think that this is the time to kick ass and get posting again.

After three years, I finally graduated from college with a Higher Certificate in Business (I’d passed the first two years of my course and failed the final year, and I didn’t want to repeat so I opted for an exit award)


And here it is. I also feel immensely proud of myself… honest to God, I find it difficult to stop smiling about it sometimes, especially before going to sleep. The parents and I went to the conferring ceremony (or graduation ceremony, if you prefer) and as the college president presented me with my award, I swear the mother felt extreme pride as she kissed me on the cheek and, as she reminded me beforehand, I was “the only one of her sons to graduate college”.img_0089

It’s a week later and I still have the congratulations cards I got (although the one in the middle is a birthday card).

Later that same day, I’d organised a get-together at the local hotel for me and my family to celebrate my graduation where we had drinks, pizza and chips (I’d also invited others but they couldn’t make it). It was a great night and definitely what I needed. Sadly, I wasn’t feeling too well as my bladder woke me up at 6 in the morning but I was able to get a few hours sleep before. But I still feeling a bit delicate so I could stick to drinking coke and I only nibbled a few chips. Still, great night though!

Pictured from left to right: niece Marie, sister Victoria, cousin Leoni, brother James, Richard’s wife Theresa, nephew James, sister Michelle, brother Richard and me in the middle. And thanks to Leoni’s husband, Anthony, for taking the picture!

Not pictured: Marie’s boyfriend Shane.

Look at Marie, she could SO be a model, look at her striking that pose! I think she did for that me because I keep telling her she should be a model.

Well hello, Clarice

I started reading The Silence of the Lambs recently and I’m really enjoying it. Having watched the movie several times, I decided to read the book. Most of the time, watching a movie or TV show or even playing a game that’s based on a novel or a series of novels would normally lead me to read the novel. Dr. Lecter seems to be more insidious in the book and definitely takes pleasure in toying with people for his amusement, especially Clarice Starling.

The FBI trainee is really determined to stop the killer known as Buffalo Bill and is even willing to go as far as putting her own career as a special agent at risk. I was just reading some of it now and I’ve just got past the part where she reveals to Lecter her most haunting childhood memory, the screaming of the lambs.

I can’t stop thinking of the actors from while I’m reading this, especially Anthony Hopkins. His performance stood out with me and as I read the things Lecter said, Anthony Hopkins’ menacing and intimidating voice stuck firmly in my head. It’s a real good read, if you’re into your thrillers though.

Out with the old

 What you’re seeing here is the old Wexford Cineplex in Wexford, This place had many great memories for me as I saw many great films here, Scary Movie 3, The Da Vinci Code, Superhero Movie and the sheer pile of shite that was Meet The Spartans.

I often brought my nieces and nephews here to see movies such as Looney Tunes: Back In Action and then we’d go into town, grab something to eat and then play video games in a local arcade, but that was before I had to use a walker and wheelchair so hopefully, you’ll know that it holds extra significance for me.

It’s terrible that this space isn’t being used for anything as it has a flooding problem and it’s on the banks of Wexford’s major river, the Slaney. Other than that, it had the potential to be used as a warehouse or a storage facility.

The Things We Leave Behind


Out and aboutĀ 

On the way back from Tallaght Hospital we stopped at this Applegreen service station in Wicklow. This place had it all, a Subway, a Burger King, a Costa and its own Applegreen store… it was cool.

We got takeaway from Burger King and after we ate it, we hit the road bound for Wexford. The weather was great today, sun splitting the stones.


Photo challengeĀ 

I was struck with a great idea for a photo challenge. When I was out yesterday, I took a photo of this…

it’s a Belgian waffle that I bought in one of my local cafes, they’d even put some ice cream on the side and it’s interesting eating ice cream with a fork. So here’s what I’ll ask you lot to do… in the comment section, send me a link to a photo of food you bought in your local cafe.

It can be anything, a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner or even it’s just a snack and/or a coffee but I don’t want to see any food from McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC or any other fast food outlets because that’s not proper food, if you know what I mean.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Day at the races

I decided to share this photo, I took this when I went to the races in Wexford on August 24th. I think it’s a nice action shot of the racers…

I already share this on my Facebook page so I thought I’d post this on my blog too.

Maybe this could be considered a photo challenge entry too.