Is it really worth it?

Here it is… or rather, here it was, Black Friday. The day where shoppers clamour for massive discounts on… well, everything. But I ask myself is it worth it as the day seems to bring out the worst in us especially after watching this top ten video feomwatch, about the atrocities committed on this day.

Now I can see the appeal of an 80% discount on a cutting edge laptop or a games console or something but to me, this madness should be banned as people are injured or even killed as it can get quite violent. I wouldn’t survive this as I’m in a wheelchair and I can see some vindictive shopper shouting ‘OH NO YOU FUCKING DON’T!’ and pushing me into a wall but thankfully, I don’t live in America and now that it’s over here in Ireland and I haven’t read about any Black Friday incidents here. I’m hoping it stays that way.

So what do you think? Do you share my thoughts or do you think  I’m talking bollocks? Let me know in the comments!

Doggy see, doggy do

Adverts have more influence than anyone can possibly imagine. Not does it induce me and youto say, do and buy things but there also reaching our pets too. Check out this year’s Christmas ad for UK department store chain John Lewis.

Now check out this video where a boxer is so wanting to join in with the dog in the advert.

Funny how the dog waits until the dog in the advert is bouncing on the trampoline to jump up and down. Get that dog their own trampoline!

The end of a journey

Hello everyone, I know it’s been ages since I last posted on this blog but now I think that this is the time to kick ass and get posting again.

After three years, I finally graduated from college with a Higher Certificate in Business (I’d passed the first two years of my course and failed the final year, and I didn’t want to repeat so I opted for an exit award)


And here it is. I also feel immensely proud of myself… honest to God, I find it difficult to stop smiling about it sometimes, especially before going to sleep. The parents and I went to the conferring ceremony (or graduation ceremony, if you prefer) and as the college president presented me with my award, I swear the mother felt extreme pride as she kissed me on the cheek and, as she reminded me beforehand, I was “the only one of her sons to graduate college”.img_0089

It’s a week later and I still have the congratulations cards I got (although the one in the middle is a birthday card).

Later that same day, I’d organised a get-together at the local hotel for me and my family to celebrate my graduation where we had drinks, pizza and chips (I’d also invited others but they couldn’t make it). It was a great night and definitely what I needed. Sadly, I wasn’t feeling too well as my bladder woke me up at 6 in the morning but I was able to get a few hours sleep before. But I still feeling a bit delicate so I could stick to drinking coke and I only nibbled a few chips. Still, great night though!

Pictured from left to right: niece Marie, sister Victoria, cousin Leoni, brother James, Richard’s wife Theresa, nephew James, sister Michelle, brother Richard and me in the middle. And thanks to Leoni’s husband, Anthony, for taking the picture!

Not pictured: Marie’s boyfriend Shane.

Look at Marie, she could SO be a model, look at her striking that pose! I think she did for that me because I keep telling her she should be a model.

We’re the superhumans

I can’t help but express my admiration for these people and hopefully, you’ll feel the same way I do. To see that they aren’t allowing themselves to be held back by disability is a wonderous thing.

It makes me think that I should not let my own disability hold me back as I have started bowling again. However, there are some things about me that will never change, try though I might. I want to be an independent person and I really hate asking people for help as I have always believed that would make me appear weak and that I am to be pitied by others.


Well hello, Clarice

I started reading The Silence of the Lambs recently and I’m really enjoying it. Having watched the movie several times, I decided to read the book. Most of the time, watching a movie or TV show or even playing a game that’s based on a novel or a series of novels would normally lead me to read the novel. Dr. Lecter seems to be more insidious in the book and definitely takes pleasure in toying with people for his amusement, especially Clarice Starling.

The FBI trainee is really determined to stop the killer known as Buffalo Bill and is even willing to go as far as putting her own career as a special agent at risk. I was just reading some of it now and I’ve just got past the part where she reveals to Lecter her most haunting childhood memory, the screaming of the lambs.

I can’t stop thinking of the actors from while I’m reading this, especially Anthony Hopkins. His performance stood out with me and as I read the things Lecter said, Anthony Hopkins’ menacing and intimidating voice stuck firmly in my head. It’s a real good read, if you’re into your thrillers though.

I feel excited!

After watching this trailer, I feel excited about Sonic The Hedgehog in a very long time. The recent games were shit (Sonic Unleashed onwards, except for Sonic Generations and I never played the Nintendo Wii and Wii U games and some may say that was a good thing) but this may look like it might be the revival the franchise so desperately needs. By going back to the beginning and doing it in genuine Mega Drive 16 bit graphics rather than doing it in psuedo-2D graphics or in a 2.5D perspective makes it all the more exciting for me and also shows that they remained respectful to the era.

A YouTube commenter said this is what Sonic 4 should have looked like and he was right. Hopefully, this could be beginning of a whole new chapter and I’m hoping that Knuckles has been reverted back to his original and is no longer a big dumb brainless beefcake. Still though I guess some things won’t change, like Dr. Robotnik reverted back to his original design and his name changed back to Robotnik, Eggman sounds dumb.

And just for laughs, here is a video of me playing Sonic 2 on the Sega Mega Drive.