Last night, I got an e-mail from WordPress saying not only did I gain a new follower but he also liked a post of mine called Me play Sonic 2 which surprised me when I got it. I haven’t been on this blog for so long that I believed that people had basically skipped over it thinking that it was no longer maintained. Well, it was true that I didn’t have time to post and I still don’t mainly because I’m unfortunate enough to be doing repeats for college but I’m really going to try to start this up again and be a bit more regular with it. I might start off with a review. I’d recently gotten The X Files season 10 on DVD and I’m planning to review the six episodes on it one by one and I might stick up a few more gameplay videos. In the meantime, have this one. It’s a video of Abe laughing while his Mudokon brother get stung by bees. Some saviour, eh?

How to Properly Make A Bed — Cathy Lynn Brooks

Today, Miss Cathy will show you how to make a bed. Yesterday I gushed about the aroma of fresh linens. You can read about that here. Follow these easy steps and you too can make the perfect bed.

via How to Properly Make A Bed — Cathy Lynn Brooks

God, I’m an awful blogger

I haven’t written anything in this blog for a very long time and I felt that something had to be done, that I should no longer leave this space empty and neglected. So I’m going to ease myself back into it by writing reviews and hopefully, that’ll get me back into the flow but at the moment things are getting pretty hectic as I’m approaching exam week at college. In the meantime though, I’d love it if anyone reading this could suggest any ideas that I could write about, as a means to get me inspired. But anyway, look out for a review from me soon. It could be Zoolander 2, one of The X Files books I’ve read or a game I’ve played like Resident Evil 0. Bye for now guys