We’re the superhumans

I can’t help but express my admiration for these people and hopefully, you’ll feel the same way I do. To see that they aren’t allowing themselves to be held back by disability is a wonderous thing.

It makes me think that I should not let my own disability hold me back as I have started bowling again. However, there are some things about me that will never change, try though I might. I want to be an independent person and I really hate asking people for help as I have always believed that would make me appear weak and that I am to be pitied by others.


Well hello, Clarice

I started reading The Silence of the Lambs recently and I’m really enjoying it. Having watched the movie several times, I decided to read the book. Most of the time, watching a movie or TV show or even playing a game that’s based on a novel or a series of novels would normally lead me to read the novel. Dr. Lecter seems to be more insidious in the book and definitely takes pleasure in toying with people for his amusement, especially Clarice Starling.

The FBI trainee is really determined to stop the killer known as Buffalo Bill and is even willing to go as far as putting her own career as a special agent at risk. I was just reading some of it now and I’ve just got past the part where she reveals to Lecter her most haunting childhood memory, the screaming of the lambs.

I can’t stop thinking of the actors from while I’m reading this, especially Anthony Hopkins. His performance stood out with me and as I read the things Lecter said, Anthony Hopkins’ menacing and intimidating voice stuck firmly in my head. It’s a real good read, if you’re into your thrillers though.

I feel excited!

After watching this trailer, I feel excited about Sonic The Hedgehog in a very long time. The recent games were shit (Sonic Unleashed onwards, except for Sonic Generations and I never played the Nintendo Wii and Wii U games and some may say that was a good thing) but this may look like it might be the revival the franchise so desperately needs. By going back to the beginning and doing it in genuine Mega Drive 16 bit graphics rather than doing it in psuedo-2D graphics or in a 2.5D perspective makes it all the more exciting for me and also shows that they remained respectful to the era.

A YouTube commenter said this is what Sonic 4 should have looked like and he was right. Hopefully, this could be beginning of a whole new chapter and I’m hoping that Knuckles has been reverted back to his original and is no longer a big dumb brainless beefcake. Still though I guess some things won’t change, like Dr. Robotnik reverted back to his original design and his name changed back to Robotnik, Eggman sounds dumb.

And just for laughs, here is a video of me playing Sonic 2 on the Sega Mega Drive.


Out with the old

 What you’re seeing here is the old Wexford Cineplex in Wexford, This place had many great memories for me as I saw many great films here, Scary Movie 3, The Da Vinci Code, Superhero Movie and the sheer pile of shite that was Meet The Spartans.

I often brought my nieces and nephews here to see movies such as Looney Tunes: Back In Action and then we’d go into town, grab something to eat and then play video games in a local arcade, but that was before I had to use a walker and wheelchair so hopefully, you’ll know that it holds extra significance for me.

It’s terrible that this space isn’t being used for anything as it has a flooding problem and it’s on the banks of Wexford’s major river, the Slaney. Other than that, it had the potential to be used as a warehouse or a storage facility.

The Things We Leave Behind


Kathy Rain: A Detective Is Born Review


Set in the 90’s and has that artistic style of a genuine 90’s era point ‘n’ click adventure game, players take on the role of Kathy Rain. Kathy, while attending college studying journalism, learns of her grandfather’s death and returns to Conwell Springs to attend the funeral. Afterwards, she decides that the mysterious circumstances leading up to his death warrant a closer look so she decides to start investigating.

She soon gets her dormmate and best friend, Eileen Summers, involved when she discovers a link to a girl named Lily Myers who committed suicide, a local church called ‘The Order of The Holy Trinity’ and a mysterious entity that is known as ‘The Crimson One’

Along the way, Kathy must face her own personal demons and learn to overcome them.

My thoughts

Being a fan of point ‘n’ click adventure games, I was looking for one that would really satisfy me; I really those like that feature police detectives or private detectives or FBI agents on the hunt for serial killers but after looking at artistic style and playing the demo, I was hooked and had to get the full version.

The story-telling was excellent and the puzzles weren’t too hard, although I had to use a walkthrough to clear some of them. But I have to say it had the feel of a Silent Hill game toward the end. Overall a very good game and worth the money!

My Score: 9 / 10

Gameplay Video

Jax is my favourite Mortal Kombat 2 character, he kicks ass and he’s man’s man, so here’s gameplay video of him. My respects to John Parrish, who plays him, but can never beat the kick-ass-ery of Brue Willis