Doggy see, doggy do

Adverts have more influence than anyone can possibly imagine. Not does it induce me and youto say, do and buy things but there also reaching our pets too. Check out this year’s Christmas ad for UK department store chain John Lewis.

Now check out this video where a boxer is so wanting to join in with the dog in the advert.

Funny how the dog waits until the dog in the advert is bouncing on the trampoline to jump up and down. Get that dog their own trampoline!


I was searching YouTube for funny banned commercials and I came across this gem from Germany.

I should really be doing my college work but I had to at least comment on this first. Words literally escape me so I’m sorry if I sound confused. What baffles me most about this is the product that is being sold here… I mean, pickles?! It makes no logical sense because to me if want to sell a product using the Ninja Turtles, it’s got to be pizza. Either a takeaway pizza place like Pizza Hut or a range of frozen pizzas. So to me, there’s no logic.

I have to talk about the setting, a gym locker room which… I suppose makes some sense, But it’s weird though how the guys stare at Raphael and it seems to go into slow motion as he’s removing his towel.And you have ask yourself, are they staring in disbelief to see his turtle standing in front of them or they staring to see what a turtle dick looks like? Or is a mixture of both?

One question overshadows everything else. Who would take a jar of pickles into the shower? Does a turtle dick look like a pickle? Are we supposed to imagine that every time we put a pickle in our mouths we are giving a Ninja Turtle a blowjob? Does the word ‘sex toy’ leap to anyone else mind?

Okay that was several questions but the main one is, WHY???