Is it really worth it?

Here it is… or rather, here it was, Black Friday. The day where shoppers clamour for massive discounts on… well, everything. But I ask myself is it worth it as the day seems to bring out the worst in us especially after watching this top ten video feomwatch, about the atrocities committed on this day.

Now I can see the appeal of an 80% discount on a cutting edge laptop or a games console or something but to me, this madness should be banned as people are injured or even killed as it can get quite violent. I wouldn’t survive this as I’m in a wheelchair and I can see some vindictive shopper shouting ‘OH NO YOU FUCKING DON’T!’ and pushing me into a wall but thankfully, I don’t live in America and now that it’s over here in Ireland and I haven’t read about any Black Friday incidents here. I’m hoping it stays that way.

So what do you think? Do you share my thoughts or do you think  I’m talking bollocks? Let me know in the comments!

Doggy see, doggy do

Adverts have more influence than anyone can possibly imagine. Not does it induce me and youto say, do and buy things but there also reaching our pets too. Check out this year’s Christmas ad for UK department store chain John Lewis.

Now check out this video where a boxer is so wanting to join in with the dog in the advert.

Funny how the dog waits until the dog in the advert is bouncing on the trampoline to jump up and down. Get that dog their own trampoline!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review


The movie begins with Splinter telling the Turtles how dangerous it would be for them on the surface and how they will eventually become the defenders of New York City. But the movie really begins with April O’Neil pissed off with her latest assignment and how she never achieve the status that the big name reporters have. So she starts investigating the activities of the criminal organization known as the Foot Clan and while riding back to her apartment, she happens across a Foot Clan robbery at a shipyard where she witnesses a vigilante attack that foils the attempted robbery. Once the area is clear, she investigates and finds a strange symbol painted on a shipping container and takes a photo.

Next day at Channel 6 HQ, she tells her boss that she was a witness to the attempted robbery and the vigilante attack and shows her the photo of symbol and she is instantly ignored. But April is unwilling to give up the story so while in the van with  Vernon Fenwick, they see people running from a subway station and April runs in to see what’s going on and is soon captured and taken hostage by the Foot Clan. The mysterious vigilantes quickly come to the rescue and disappear up a dust shoot so she runs up the fire escape of a nearby fire escape where she sees them celebrate their victory and takes a photo. However, the flash gives her away and she confronted by them. She sees they’re not human and eventually faints. She wakes up and finds them standing over her asking if she was okay. The turtles argue amongst themselves and give April back her stating that the picture has been deleted from the memory and threaten her that if she says anything about their existence, they will find her (very Liam Neeson!) but that doesn’t stop her taking another photo as they leave.

As she heard that one is called “Raphael”, she goes back to her apartment and finds a box with a scientific journal in it detailing Project Renaissance where she named she four turtles after renaissance artists…

You know what, I can’t even finish this review as I wasn’t even paying attention and spent the majority using my phone or mentally playing Angry Birds. Although I did smile at some of wisecracks that Mikey delivered, I found this movie to be stupid and boring. It also relied too heavily on gratuitous slo-mo and things exploding and some things in it just didn’t make sense like Splinter becoming a ninja master after reading a book on ninjitsu he found in the sewer and the line “We’ll drain every last drop of blood from them, even if it kills them”, if you drain blood from any living thing, OF COURSE IT WILL KILL THEM! Dumbass!

I have no favourite scene so here’s an honest trailer

and my favourite scene from Taken

My score: 3 / 10

Final thought: DAMN YOU, MICHAEL BAY!!!

We’re the superhumans

I can’t help but express my admiration for these people and hopefully, you’ll feel the same way I do. To see that they aren’t allowing themselves to be held back by disability is a wonderous thing.

It makes me think that I should not let my own disability hold me back as I have started bowling again. However, there are some things about me that will never change, try though I might. I want to be an independent person and I really hate asking people for help as I have always believed that would make me appear weak and that I am to be pitied by others.


Well hello, Clarice

I started reading The Silence of the Lambs recently and I’m really enjoying it. Having watched the movie several times, I decided to read the book. Most of the time, watching a movie or TV show or even playing a game that’s based on a novel or a series of novels would normally lead me to read the novel. Dr. Lecter seems to be more insidious in the book and definitely takes pleasure in toying with people for his amusement, especially Clarice Starling.

The FBI trainee is really determined to stop the killer known as Buffalo Bill and is even willing to go as far as putting her own career as a special agent at risk. I was just reading some of it now and I’ve just got past the part where she reveals to Lecter her most haunting childhood memory, the screaming of the lambs.

I can’t stop thinking of the actors from while I’m reading this, especially Anthony Hopkins. His performance stood out with me and as I read the things Lecter said, Anthony Hopkins’ menacing and intimidating voice stuck firmly in my head. It’s a real good read, if you’re into your thrillers though.

Out with the old

 What you’re seeing here is the old Wexford Cineplex in Wexford, This place had many great memories for me as I saw many great films here, Scary Movie 3, The Da Vinci Code, Superhero Movie and the sheer pile of shite that was Meet The Spartans.

I often brought my nieces and nephews here to see movies such as Looney Tunes: Back In Action and then we’d go into town, grab something to eat and then play video games in a local arcade, but that was before I had to use a walker and wheelchair so hopefully, you’ll know that it holds extra significance for me.

It’s terrible that this space isn’t being used for anything as it has a flooding problem and it’s on the banks of Wexford’s major river, the Slaney. Other than that, it had the potential to be used as a warehouse or a storage facility.

The Things We Leave Behind


Futuristic directions 

I recently watched a WatchMojo video called ‘Top 10 Things That Will Be Obsolete In The Future’ here it is…

…and one of the things mentioned was glasses. This disturbed me a bit as they detailed a bionic lens that is in development by a Canadian company and the reason I felt this way was because I had watched a program on TV called ‘Black Mirror: White Christmas’ where an element of the story was that everyone these things called ‘Z-Eyes’ installed which I imagine resemble this very thing. If you don’t know, ‘Black Mirror’ was sci-fi anthology series on Channel 4 with one of its main themes dealing with the advances in technology, you watch them using the catch-up service here at All4 or they will be available on Netflix as the series was picked up by them for a 12 episode season 3.

In it, the ‘Z-Eyes’ were like mini-computers that allowed people to take photos, zoom in on certain images and even block people out. When someone was blocked out, they’d appear as a fuzzy white image and the person would be unable to speak to them or hear them. Another feature I gathered from that show was that anyone would be able to establish live links with other users, a sort of Skype if you will.

I’m wondering if these advancements in technology is a good thing because I’m now thinking of a future where everything will be done for us and we won’t be living anymore but rather existing and that mankind’s over-reliance on technology may prove to be our undoing. I’m not suggesting a ‘Terminator’ scenario or that we become a subservient race to robots and cyborgs and things but what I am suggesting is maybe this isn’t as great as we think.

Anyway, I’ll leave it up to you to make your own minds up.